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We are service provider of GST Registration in Pune. Individuals/businesses are required to obtain registration under GST on the basis of their annual turnover. Businesses with a turnover of fewer than 20 lakhs– in case of a supply of services – and 40 lakhs – in case of the supply of goods – can voluntarily register under GST. For business entities, whose aggregate turnover crosses the above-specified threshold limit, it is mandatory to register for GST. Small dealers engaged in specific sectors can opt for a Composition Scheme which can relieve them of certain tedious compliance’s.

Few specific categories such as casual taxable persons, non-resident taxable persons, or businesses engaging in e-commerce are mandatory required to get a GST login irrespective of the threshold limit. Timely GST registration for individuals and new businesses can help gain credibility in the market as well benefiting in other ways, such as claiming input tax credits. GST Registration in Pune.

Exporters have to be aware of several key provisions relating to exports under the law. Under GST, an exporter has two options: either to export under bond without payment of tax or export along with tax payment and claim a refund later. For improving ease of business, the government introduced a Letter of Undertaking (LUT), which can be filed online. It enables customers of an Indian bank to receive short-term credit from a foreign branch of the same bank.

A person involved in exporting goods, services, or both can make use of LUT unless the person is undergoing prosecution for tax evasion to the tune of 2.5 crores or more. In the absence of LUT, Integrated GST (IGST) or export bonds are needed for export. To claim a GST refund, exporters have to file Form GSTR – 1 and furnish export details along with shipping bills, and duly fill Form GSTR 3B for the relevant period.

Besides the above provisions, businesses need to adhere to additional compliances such as collecting and paying GST amounts to customers, filing annual GST returns, issuing GST invoices, and maintaining records of GST. GST return filing is mandatory for all entities registered under GST, irrespective of business activity, sales, or profitability. These compliances are time-bound and the failure to comply can expose your business to hefty penalties.

We, at Hemant Shah & Associates LLP, provide end-to-end GST services, from GST registration to filing returns. Our experienced team will guide you through the due diligence for a hassle-free adherence to GST norms and claim adequate refunds.

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