Service Export Incentive

The SEIS Scheme or Service Export from India Scheme is an enticement given by the Ministry of Commerce through the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) to Service Exporters based in India. This return scheme is to encourage the export of services from India. SEIS Scheme was introduced on 1st April 2015 for 5 Years under the Foreign Trade Policy of India 2015-2020. Earlier, this Scheme was named as serve from India Scheme (SFIS Scheme) for Financial Year 2009-2014. There are the following four modes to export army to foreign clients.

Its major objective is to boost and make the most of the export of notified/selected Services from India. Under SEIS Scheme, Exporters of selected Services are entitled to a 3% / 5% / 7% incentive on the Net Foreign exchange earned in the form of Duty Credit Scrips. These SEIS scrips can be used to pay to bring in duty or can be encashed by advertising it to any Importer. Therefore, it is as good as a cash Incentive Scheme.

Objectives of the SEIS Scheme :

The objectives of the scheme are provided under chapter 3 of FTP 2015-20 which are as follows:
• 1. encourage export of notified services
• 2. To make our services more spirited in the worldwide market
• 3. incentive to exporters to offset infrastructural inefficiencies and connected costs involved


Benefits of SEIS Scheme :

The Duty Credit Scrips and goods imported/procured against these scrips shall be freely moveable. Credit Scrips may be used for payment of Basic Customs duties ie., BCD, Composition Fee, for Export Obligation (EO) defaults, Authorizations issued under Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 (i.e. Duty exemption Schemes and EPCG Scheme) of FTP 2015-2020, application fee under FTP 2015-2020, if any, and fees for allowable imports of inputs or goods, except the items listed in Appendix 3A of Hand Book Of Procedures (“HBP”) i.e. except items not allowed for bringing in under Export from India Schemes. Once scrip is being issued, a request for splits could be allowable with the same port of register for EDI enabled ports in terms of Para 3.09 of HBP. However, according to Trade Notice No. 11/2018 Dt. 30/06/2017, IGST, CGST, SGST GST, and Compensation Cess, as may be pertinent should be paid and may be availed as an input tax credit, if eligible, in accordance with the supplies of GST.


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