Transfer pricing is the cost at which different divisions of a company conduct monetary transactions with each other. These transactions may include the exchange of supplies or labour between subdivisions. Transfer prices are typically used in transactions between a company and its subsidiaries. MNCs are functioning in an environment filled with increasing complications. The augmentation in the volume and variety of the transaction in companies that are internally linked and the transfer pricing regulations, along with the increased implementation of these activities across the globe, has made transfer pricing a huge risk management issue for all businesses globally.

Our main aim is to manage the pricing network to help organizations reduce these risks by making sure their transfer pricing solutions match their overall international business operations and objectives. We also assist clients with strategic documentation to support their transfer pricing practices and avoid any disputes related to transfer pricing in India.

Our Services

  • Transfer pricing study
  • Analysis on comparables
  • Transfer pricing assessment on tax avoidance in relation to international transactions
  • Handling objections before DRP