VAT is a form of indirect tax that is levied upon goods, instead of on individual taxpayers. These taxes are chiefly based on transactions and as such, add to the liability of a company. To complicate matters further, indirect taxes in India are levied at both the State and Central level. Hence, it becomes essential that the impact of these taxes on the cash flow, revenue generation, and the profitability of a business be judged with expertise and accuracy.

Our experienced team members that deal with VAT registration in India as well as other indirect tax related matters are experienced as well as being sticklers for detail. Their several years of experience in the field enables them to navigate the complicated thicket of indirect tax regulations with ease and design a strategy for your company that reduces costs, minimizes risks, and ensures compliance while making sure that nothing is missed.

Our Services

  • Consultancy for business model optimization with regards to indirect taxes
  • Tax planning with respect to sales tax
  • VAT registration online
  • Preparing and filing VAT returns
  • VAT legislation advisory
  • Compliance support
  • Litigation support